Deodorizing/Pet Urine Stain & Odor Treatments

From general deodorization to severe malodors requiring special restoration procedures, HydraMaster provides you with a range of products to effectively deodorize and restore the environment. OdorMate Tropical Breeze is a general purpose odor eliminator, deodorizer, and cleaning additive designed for use on carpet, upholstery, laundry, and hard surfaces. The versatility of OdorMate Tropical Breeze allows it to be effectively used as a direct spray pairing agent heavy duty deodorizer;  it can be added to most any cleaning solution; and can be applied through a wet fogging machine

HydraMaster customers across the country sing the praises of our award-winning MultiPhase™ Odor Counteractant. It is popular for two reasons  –  It’s highly effective and customers love the scent. This contact-deodorant is perfect for effective removal of dog or cat urine and a variety of tough organic and non-organic odors. MultiPhase attacks odors with a multi-faceted attack. It is a binding, bonding, encapsulating, pairing, and absorbing deodorizer that will safely and effectively eliminate odors most commonly encountered by the professional carpet cleaner, including pet urine, tobacco smoke, mustiness and mildew, and vomit. It works effectively on a broad spectrum of organic odors.

You need every advantage in attempting successful urine odor removal and that’s where UPSUrine Pre-Spray comes in. This special formula counteracts and softens urine deposits to improve the effectiveness of the rinse step and stain removal process. No other product combines an acid based detergent with a decontaminate deodorizer and a fragrance as fresh and clean smelling as a spring rain. One of the originals, this product has been copied by many in the industry. Pretreating the urine contamination with UPS makes all enzyme and encapsulating pet odor deodorization solutions work faster and more effectively

USR with Multi-Phase uses the effervescent cleansing, stain removal, and deodorizing power of activated oxygen synergistically combined with the encapsulating and bonding odor elimination power of MultiPhase. When applied as directed the vivacious, bubbling mixture goes right to work eliminating even the most stubborn urine stains, while the odor is eliminated through the power of oxidation and MultiPhase. It chemically modifies and deactivates the stain, eliminates the odor, and does so without leaving strong and potentially offensive fragrances or perfumes behind.

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