Air Cooled Slide-in Truckmounts

Is a Slide-in Truckmount right for your business?

Slide-in machines basically “slide” into the back of a van, box truck, or trailer and are powered by their own engines. They range from entry level smaller machines to dual wand powerhouses. There are some specific advantages to slide-ins that you should consider:

Less expensive to get into than a direct-drive

If you are in need of a truckmount, and are on a more limited budget, a slide-in can often be your most cost efficient choice. Because you can employ the use of a used van or truck, or even use a van you already own, the overall cost of adding a truckmount to your business can be reduced. A direct-drive truckmount should be installed in a new or very low mileage van.

Wider range of power choices in engine horsepower and vacuum size

Slide-in truckmounts offer a full range of choices for the professional cleaner and restorer. If you are a start-up business or newer, you may want to invest in a smaller, less expensive entry level truckmount like a HydraMaster Boxxer 318. If you want unbridled power and heat, or just one of those people who has to have all the power you can get, the HydraMaster TITAN 575 is the right choice for you. Direct Drive truckmounts have larger vacuum blowers, multiple heat exchangers, and dual wand capabilities.

More versatility in the van or truck you install them in

Direct drive units require specific vans and specific configurations of those vans. A slide in can be bolted into virtually any type of commercial vehicle that has the payload rating, the suspension, and the room. If you have a very specific van, vehicle, or truck that you want to use, a slide-in truckmount will sometimes be your only choice.

Easier to move if you upgrade your van or truck

As your business grows and prospers, and as you diversify your service offering, you may want to invest in a newer van or box truck. A slide-in truckmount can be removed and re-installed into a different vehicle much easier and for less cost than a direct drive truckmount.