OdorMate Tropical Breeze

General Purpose Odor Eliminator, Deodorizer and Cleaning Additive

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General Purpose Odor Eliminator, Deodorizer and Cleaning Additive

OdorMate Tropical Breeze is a general purpose odor eliminator, deodorizer, and cleaning additive designed for use on carpet, upholstery, laundry. It also works extremely well in general space deodorizing.

The versatility of  OdorMate Tropical Breeze allows it to be effectively used as a direct spray pairing agent heavy duty deodorizer;  it can be added to most any cleaning solution; and can be applied through a wet fogging machine

Don’t let the light tropical breeze fragrance trick you. Utilizing OdorMate Tropical Breeze will leave any carpet or room smelling clean and refreshed, but it is also powerful enough to counteract severe malodors.


Below is a list of components required to be disclosed under the California Cleaning Product Right-to-Know Act of 2017.

Ingredient Name | CAS# | Function | Designated List(s)
Water 7732-18-5 diluent
Ethoxylated alcohol, C9-11 68439-46-3 surfactant
Sodium xylene sulfonate 1300-72-7 hydrotrope
Linalool 78-70-6 fragrance 23
Butylphenyl methylpropional 80-54-6 fragrance 23
limonene 5989-27-5 fragrance 23
Benzyl benzoate 120-51-4 fragrance 23
Hexyl cinnamic aldehyde 101-86-0 fragrance 23
citral 5392-40-5 fragrance 23
hydroxycitronella 107-75-5 fragrance 23