Urine Pre-spray Neutralizing Treatment

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Urine Pre-spray Neutralizing Treatment

UPS is a special synergistic blend of acid neutralizers, detergents, odor counteractants, and decontamination deodorizers for use as a urine contamination neutralizer and as an acid detergent (tannin) spotting solution. UPS will effectively dissolve and dislodge alkaline salt residues that build up in urine deposits and neutralize sticky and gummy lipids and contamination which will make any urine deodorization solution work faster and more effectively.

The specialty surfactants carry the active ingredients deep into the carpet and help to penetrate the carpet fiber for more effective treatment. Used as a first response to urine deposits, because it contains an odor counteractant and decontamination deodorizer it can effectively eliminate odor on some urine deposits.

Pretreating the urine contamination with UPS makes all enzyme and encapsulating pet odor deodorization solutions work faster and more effectively. UPS is also an incredibly effective acid detergent spotter for treating tannin, salt, or alkaline based spots and spills on carpet and upholstery.



California’s Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017:

UPS: Contains fragrance allegens: Hexylene glycol, CAS 107-41-5, Amyl salicylate, CAS 2050-08-0, Amyl cinnamal, CAS 122-40-7, Nerol, CAS 106-25-2, Linalool, CAS 78-70-6, Isobornyl alcohol, CAS 125-12-2, Verdyl acetate, CAS 5413-60-5, Hexahydrohexamethyl cyclopentabenzopyran, CAS 1222-05-5, Geraniol, CAS 106-24-1, Benzyl benzoate, CAS 120-51-4, Phenethyl alcohol, CAS 60-12-8, Citrus grandis oil, CAS 8016-20-4, Benzyl acetate, CAS 140-11-4, Cyclamen aldehyde, CAS 103-95-7