Why Oxidation Works Better than Enzymes at Pet Urine Stain and Odor Elimination

Many professional carpet cleaners are still using enzyme based and bio-enzyme based deodorizers for dealing with pet urine odor problems in carpeting. Most of these products contain multiple strains or types of enzymes or bacterial cultures that are designed to break down and digest the urine odors at the molecular level. Truth is, many of these products work very effectively at eliminating pet odors – when given the proper amount of time and the perfect environmental conditions. Therein lies one of the fundamental issues with using enzyme based deodorizers – they take a long time to work, anywhere from one hour to 24 hours.  Often times, the use of an enzyme deodorizer requires a return trip to the customer’s home or business. Not only that, none of the enzymes contained within these formulas are really designed to eliminate the stains caused by pet urine on carpets nearly as effectively as the oxidation option.

The use of powder oxidation treatments has several big advantages over the use of enzyme deodorizers. First, it is faster.  The release of the effervescent oxygen immediately triggers the chemical breakdown of urine into the basic components of such as nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. Second, it is more durable. Since you have to keep the living organisms alive which are producing the enzymes, you have to be able to control the environmental conditions – room temperature and pre-existing chemicals in the carpet just to name a couple. Oxidation solutions are mixed and used on the spot and are more durable and not as effected by environmental conditions. Third, the oxidation action is a stain removal action, making it much more likely to effectively eliminate the yellow stains in the carpet caused by the urine. Finally, and perhaps the most overlooked advantage of using Oxidation is that the customer can see the vivacious, bubbling, effervescent mixture going right to work eliminating even the most stubborn urine stains with their own eyes.

An oxidizing stain and odor control treatment like USR with Multi-Phase from HydraMaster will effectively deal with all three negative aspects of urine contamination – the lipid based sticky build-up of contamination, the negatively perceived odor, and the resulting stains. A big advantage of USR is that it also contains Multi-Phase. USR with Multi-Phase uses the effervescent cleansing, stain removal, and deodorizing power of activated oxygen synergistically combined with the encapsulating and bonding odor elimination power of Multi-Phase Deodorizer. When applied as directed the odor is eliminated through the power of oxidation and Multi-Phase. It chemically modifies and deactivates the stain, eliminates the odor, and does so without leaving strong and potentially offensive fragrances or perfumes behind. This state of the art formula also includes ingredients that speed up solution penetration and make USR easier to remove and extract from the carpet when compared to other powder oxidation solution and properties that keep the treated area from attracting residue and re-soiling following treatment. Best of all, with USR with Multi-Phase you use less product than with other powder oxidizers making it more economical.

There are some basic guidelines that will make using powder oxidation treatments work more effectively. It is highly recommended that you use a subsurface extraction tool or wand when applying an oxidizing solution.  If you do not have a sub-surface extraction wand or spotting tool, make sure to take extra wet and dry passes with your wand to remove the solution after treatment. In addition, as a general rule, powder oxidation treatments should only be used on synthetic carpets. They are not recommended for wool or silk carpet. Since oxidation is designed to remove the staining discoloration, always pre-test the solution in an inconspicuous area of the carpet for colorfastness prior to application. You mix the manufacturer’s recommended amount of solution (6 ounces for USR with Multi-Phase) into a five gallon bucket of very hot water. Stir the mixture up for 30 to 60 seconds. The foam will rise to the top within two minutes. Then saturate (usually by pouring) the mixed solution right onto the area being treated. Note the effervescent, bubbling reaction taking place. Allow the solution to dwell 10-30 minutes (usually the longer the better). Then extract the solution from carpet preferably using a sub-surface extraction wand or tool. If using scrub wand, take extra wet and dry passes, then finish with several dry passes.

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