Why are HydraMaster Direct Drive Truckmounts the Number #1 Choice for Restoration Contractors?

HydraMaster has long been the leader in the manufacture of Direct Drive Truckmounts.Ziggy 1 The HydraMaster CDS is the truckmount champion for restoration professionals. It has been the industry’s leading van-powered restoration cleaning systems for over two decades. Now, the restoration contractor has a choice with the HydraMaster CDS xDRIVE truckmount, mounted in a Ford Transit for even more room for all their restoration gear.

The question for you may be why? What makes a direct drive truckmount the perfect restoration choice?

  1. Reliability – You need your Truckmount to be reliable and dependable. The last thing you need is for your machine to go down in the middle of a large restoration job where downtime is already working against the home oCDS in 4 Wheel drive vanr business owner. HydraMaster Direct Drive truckmounts are designed and proven to be the most reliable truckmounts on the market.
  2. Ease of Training and Operation – Direct Drive Truckmounts are the easiest truckmount to operate so your training curve is greatly reduced and you can have newly hired technicians being productive in the field faster.
  3. Security and Noise Reduction. With the CDS or CDS xDRIVE, you can close the doors on your vehicle while running the equipment. You won’t be upsetting any neighbors and the police because when you close the doors of your van, you won’t be much louder than an idling van. Plus, with your vehicle totally locked up, you can operate securely knowing no one is pilfering around in your vehicle while your technicians are extracting water in a building
  4. More Room. Space is so important on a restoration work truck. You have to have IMG_9860retroom to haul all of your restoration gear. The more gear you can fit in your vehicle, the more you can put on the job. And that means revenue. With an extended GMC van you have 170 cubic feet of space for what every equipment you need for that restoration job.  With a mid or high roof Ford Transit you have even more room – plus you can stand up in the van! The CDS and CDS xDRIVE have the smallest footprints of any truckmounts in the industry and will leave you with the most room of any truckmount on the market.
  5. Versatility – Versatility in cleaning AND extraction – your truckmount is a beast when it comes to all of the cleaning challenges you may face on a restoration job: carpet & upholstery cleaning; hard surface floor cleaning; sidewalk, porch and entry way cleaning; water extraction; and pressure washing. Both the CDS and the CDS xDRIVE handle all of these challenges and more with no problems.
  6. Sanitization – You work so hard to sanitize surfaces that have been affected by water intrusion with disinfectants. Have you ever considered the incredibly important sanitizing effects of hot water from your truckmount? Indoor air quality tests performed on behalf of the EPA in the 1990’s showed a massive reduction in biological contamination in carpeting simply from being cleaned with a truckmount. Add to that fact the recent tests in 2014 that showed a reduction in allergens and mold spores in carpeting when cleaned with a truckmount. Maintaining consistently hot cleaning solution across a textile or hard surface improves the healthfulness of an already compromised indoor environment.
  7. Productivity – extracting or cleaning a hard or soft surface does require labor to do the job. A truckmount allows you to do it faster and better. A truckmount with maximum vacuum and heat that consistently runs at its highest level like the CDS or CDS xDRIVE makes you even more productive. Another often overlooked advantage is when you combine the extraction power of a HydraMaster Direct Drive Truckmount with the massive recovery capabilities of the RX20 Rotary Jet RX20Extractor. In fact, studies done of extraction tools, and their capabilities in standing water extraction demonstrated that the RX20 was the number one performing cleaning and extraction wand in its abilities to extract the most amount of water. Only a ride-on extraction only tool and a stationary sub-surface extraction tool extracted more water. The RX20 give you fantastic cleaning power, PLUS the ability to extract more water on a restoration job.
  8. Protects the Contents of Your Van from the Elements – Have you noticed that weather does not necessarily cooperate with you needing to extract water on a job site? Or clean up the mess? Rain, snow, wind, hail, sleet, and even extreme cold are not match for your CDS or CDS xDRIVE truckmount. Why? You can close up your van and operate with the doors closed. You don’t have to worry about the contents of your van getting wet, dirty, or being frozen. They are all snug and protected inside your warm running vehicle.

Nothing beats the performance of a Direct Drive truckmount from HydraMaster on a DSCF0098restoration job site. With the extraction performance you get from a Truckmount you will be able to extract all water possible, do it in a timely and efficient manner and be able to place your drying equipment faster and move onto the next job quicker.

Would you like more information about HydraMaster Direct Drive Truckmounts and how they can fit perfectly into your restoration work? Click here for more information.

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