SpotMaster Gel XP

Extreme Performance Gelled Spot and Stain Remover for Problematic Oil Based Spots and Stains

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Extreme Performance Gelled Spot and Stain Remover for Problematic Oil Based Spots and Stains

HydraMaster has formulated the solvent soluble spot and stain removing power of a volatile solvent, non-volatile solvent, and POG into one specialized thickened, gelled solution with SpotMaster Gel XP. The gelled solution sits on the spot rather than immediately absorbing down into the carpet like a typical solvent spotter does. This keeps the spotting action on the spot or stain where it belongs and reduces your chances of causing any delamination.

SpotMaster Gel XP is designed to effectively remove or lighten all kinds of stain causing inks (ballpoint, duplicating, ink jet, stamp pad, permanent marker, and more) along with latex, enamel, spray, and other types of paints. It can also be used effectively to break down hardened and oxidized grease and oil spills, and to remove or lighten stains caused by shoe polish, nail polish, cosmetics, and tar.

Working in conjunction with HydraMaster SpotMaster Pro XP, Spotmaster Gel XP finishes the one-two punch often needed for problematic oil based stain removal. For gum and adhesive removal, HydraMaster OJ is recommended. Spotmaster Gel XP is formulated to be in compliance with the latest VOC emission regulations, and is fast acting, stays on the surface of the spot, and is safe on most natural and synthetic fibers.


Below is a list of components required to be disclosed under the California Cleaning Product Right-to-Know Act of 2017.

Ingredient Name | CAS# | Function | Designated List(s)
Water 7732-18-5 diluent
Acetone 67-64-1 solvent
Butoxydiglycol 112-43-5 solvent
Modified acrylic polymer withheld Cleaning aid
isopropanol 67-6300 solvent
Alcohol ethoxylate withheld surfactant