Boxxer XL – 31HP Dual Wand


You get uncompromising performance in a high level dual wand power-packed truckmount from the Boxxer XL. Utilizing the HydraMaster Water Conservation System, it can be inactive under a full vacuum load for as long as 40 minutes without wasting fresh water. Whether you are setting up for carpet cleaning, or doing water extraction on a flood job, the “no-dump”/full bypass heat exchanger system means your hot water is used on the job, not dumped into the recovery tank, saving precious fuel every day. The Boxxer XL is 20% quieter than comparable slide-in truckmounts. The Boxxer XL produces a decibel level of 68db.  Finally, the Boxxer XL produces performance levels that most truckmounts only dream about – True dual wand capabilities; 400+CFM, attains 245°F temperature; and proven and tested coupler direct driven blower.

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31HP + 400+CFM + 1200PSI + 245° F +2 Wands =

The numbers add up to your next truckmount!

Perfectly Powered 31 HP Air Cooled Engine: Industrial engine delivers maximum power in an incredibly fuel efficient fashion.

Quietest in its Class: Innovative Air Flow – Routing and controlling concepts make it 20% quieter than a comparable truckmount.

Extreme Vacuum and Water Extraction Recovery – 400+ CFM for faster drying, faster extraction! Direct coupler driven for maximum power transfer.

Uncompromising Cleaning Solution Temperature – 245° F Temperature rating with 185 F at 1.25 GMP continuous flow.

Completely Dual Wand Capable – plumbed and prepared for you to double your productivity when you need to!

Patented Heat Control System, ADC Control Diverter Manages heat for more consistent temperature delivery, virtually eliminates dumping trash water during cleaning delays and water extraction.

Simpler Maintenance – “Arms Length” design and removable magnetic panels allow for easy access to crucial components and serviceable parts.

Owners Guides and Manuals

Boxxer XLOwners Manual —  Maintenance Schedule

• Handles residential and commercial cleaning jobs
• Utilizing the HydraMaster Water Conservation System, it can be inactive under a full vacuum load for as long as 40 minutes without wasting fresh water.
• The Boxxer XL is 20% quieter than a comparable slide-in truckmount.
• True dual wand capabilities
• 400+CFM (static measurement), attains 245◦F temperature (185◦F continuous flow at 1.25GPM)
• Proven and tested coupler direct driven blower
• Easy accessibility and serviceability with removable magnetic panels

• Subcategory: Slide In
• Dimensions: 39”H x 24”W x 41”D
• Weight: 800 lbs
• Engine: 31 HP Briggs & Stratton; Air Cooled Engine
• Ignition: Electric key start
• Vacuum Blower: Competitor™ 4007 Tri-Lobe, HydraMaster exclusive design, 400+ cfm, dual oil bath site level windows
• Pump: General HTX-1813, 4.0 gpm plunger pump, 1,200 psi heated, 1,200 psi unheated, electric clutch control
• Max Temp: 245º F
• Chemical System: Last-step chemical injection, meter controlled
• Heating System: Tube and fin heat exchanger with ADC temperature control
• Recovery Tank: 70 gallon MaxAir™ recovery tank; aluminum, baked-on powder coated finish, includes stainless steel filter and filter basket, 36 3/4″L x 14 1/4″W x 38 1/2″H, 100 lbs
• Solution Hose Length: 100 ft x 1/4″
• Vacuum Hose Length: 100 ft x 2″
• Wand Capacity: Dual
• Fuel Consumption: 1.6 gph
• Uses: Residential and Commercial

• Runtime hour meter
• Solution (Chemical) flow meter (0-10gph)
• Solution (Chemical) flow control valve
• Vacuum gauge (0-30” Hg)
• Solution pressure gauge (glycerin filled)
• Solution pressure adjustment
• Pre-wired pump-in switch
• Pre-wired Pump-Out (AWDS/APO) switch
• Fresh water inlet
• Water system drain valve
• Diverter valve (with ADC control)
• Diverter/clutch package for flood work
• Electrical circuit protection
• Pump clutch switch
• Solution temperature control
• Two solution outlets

• AWDS (Automatic Wastewater Disposal System)
• 100 gallon MaxAir recovery tank, aluminum powder coated
• Thru-Floor exhaust kit
• HydraCradle Fresh Water Tank and Hose Reels
• Evolution Truckmount Wand
• RX-20 Rotary Extraction Wand
• DriMaster 3 Upholstery Tool