If you “go green” with your cleaning operations, do you risk sacrificing cleanliness? In other words, is there a difference between green and clean?

Dr. Michael Berry said it best. “Green” and “clean” should be synonymous terms. A clean environment is a green environment so long as the wastes produced from the cleaning process are properly disposed of.  If, in order to get an extremely dirty surface clean, you have to use massive amounts of a green chemical to get it clean, and in doing so, you leave a large amount of organic material behind on the surface, you may be contributing to the growth of mold or bacteria in the indoor environment. That is not a green concept. The good news is that the performance of green chemicals has improved dramatically in the last 10 years. In cases where an indoor environment is being properly cleaned and maintained by a trained and certified cleaning professional; on a recommended frequency basis using industry accepted and defined standards of care; you will not have to sacrifice anything by using green chemicals. The bad news is that this still takes the cooperation of the residential or commercial cleaning client. How many carpet cleaning jobs have you done in the last year that were “being properly cleaned and maintained by a trained and certified cleaning professional on a recommended frequency basis using industry accepted and defined standards of care?” If people, whether they be the facility manager of a large commercial building or Mrs. Piffleton, really want you to be able to effectively clean their indoor environment with only “green products and procedures, “  then they have to make a commitment too. You can’t let soil and filth and grime and allergens and pollutants and volatile organic compound’s and bacteria build up and build up in a high traffic carpeted environment, and then expect the professional cleaner to restore the carpet to a “like new” appearance without stronger or harsher chemistry. A day may be coming where you can clean a neglected Chinese Restaurant carpet with only green chemicals, but I don’t think we are quite there yet.

HydraMaster has a complete line of products that are manufactured utilizing ingredients recognized as “green.” These include products that have earned our prestigious SafeClean designation, which was initiated back in 1991 long before Green became a buzzword. SafeClean™ is HydraMaster’s long time trusted designation for cleaning solutions formulated with the latest technology in environmentally preferable “green” technology. SafeClean designated formulations meet or exceed industry ingredient guidelines for green cleaning solutions. The SafeClean designation goes well beyond traditional definitions of what a green formula should be like. It takes into consideration utilizing sustainable and renewable ingredients, environmental and health impact footprints on the indoor and outdoor environment, and perhaps the most important consideration of all- removing and extracting the soil from the surface being cleaned.

These products include Release with OxyBreak Carpet Prespray, RinseFree with OxyBreak Carpet Extraction Detergent, HydraFree Carpet Cleaning Solution, and ZipDri Encap TS Encapsulation Cleaner.

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