HydraMaster Introduces the “Find A Cargo Van” Website Portal

All you have to do is a web search for “cargo van shortage” and hundreds of articles detailing the “how’s and the whys” will immediately become evident. Bloomberg News, the Wall Street Journal, and many auto industry websites and publications detail the on-going shortage in new cargo vans. Just check with your normal source for vans and they can share with you some of the challenges they are having. Most fleet dealers and cargo van chassis up-fitters have seen their promised allotment for 2022 severely reduced or even eliminated. The increased demand for cargo vans that are to be used as delivery vehicles is a major part of the challenge. Due to the huge upsurge in online product ordering that was already taking place has been made even more steep by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, cargo vans are being bought up in record numbers by delivery companies. In addition, microchip shortages and COVID-19 outbreaks have led to intermittent or complete shutdowns of manufacturing plants for GM, Chevy, and Ford. This only added to the shortage. Another factor is the fact that Nissan made the decision to discontinue their cargo vans in 2020. Although they only had a 4.7% market share, that means less vans are available when demand is at an all-time high

Yet thousands of cleaning and restoration companies are thriving as we enter the new year and need new cargo vans to expand their fleet. The demand for direct drive truckmounts is higher than ever due to expanding small engine emission restrictions in California. Direct Drive truckmounts are most often installed in new or virtually new cargo vans and are currently limited to installation only in Chevy Express, GMC Savana, or Ford Transit cargo vans. Slide-in users who want to expand often still want to do it with a new van rather than a used high mileage van. But when cleaning and restoration companies are going to their normal fleet source for their next van, whether it be inside or outside of the industry, they are often finding that their regular source has no vans available.

HydraMaster wants to help in these challenging times. So, we developed a FREE portal on our website to help you find the right van for your cleaning and restoration business. It includes direct links to the nationwide (US) inventory searches for cargo vans from Chevy, GM, Ford, RAM, and Mercedes. Even better it provides you with some specific guidance on how to use and navigate these web sites, including a supporting “how-to” video and a list of things to consider as you look through these web sites.

  1. ALWAYS confirm availability of the van by calling the specific dealership listed directly.
  2. Many vans listed are not “on the lot” at the dealership. Sometimes they are “in transit” and may be marked that way.
  3. Oftentimes dealerships will list vans on these sites that are on the lot or in route that are ALREADY sold. The only way to ensure that the van is still for sale is to call the dealership directly.
  4. Vans are at a premium now. Many dealers are selling vans for prices higher than the MSRP
  5. Set a wider parameter in miles from your zip code for a better selection of vans. Many cleaning and restoration companies are buying vans right now located far away from their location.
  6. Many of the fleet dealerships that are the normal source for commercial vans were not provided with their allocations for 2022. You may find smaller, non-fleet dealers are more likely to have a van in stock or that they can sell you.
  7. ALWAYS consult with your local HydraMaster Distributor for van compatibility to the specific truckmount you want before making your van purchase.
  8. ALWAYS consult with your local HydraMaster Distributor about any special sub-frames which might be required for the installation of a sub-mount or stand-alone freshwater tank in a Ford Sprinter, Dodge ProMaster, or Mercedes Sprinter to avoid “no-drill” zones

At HydraMaster, we do “have your back” and want to support you in every way we can to grow your business. Follow this link to get your van shopping started: https://hydramaster.com/help-finding-a-new-van/