Why a HydraMaster Direct Drive Truckmount is the choice of so many cleaning and restoration professionals

Slide-in vs. Direct Drives

Truckmounts are available as either slide-ins or direct drives. Slide-in machines basically “slide” into the back of a van or box truck and are powered by their own engines.  In contrast, direct drives are attached to a van’s drive train or use the engine to power a generator in order to use the vehicle’s motor for heat and power.

If you don’t have a lot of startup money, a slide-in truckmount will let you take 51378282_2280680855299600_6757230647607033856_nadvantage of installation in an older, lower-cost vehicle. Should your vehicle break down or you want to upgrade your van later, a slide-in also can more easily be moved since they are only bolted to the floor.

Direct drives on the other hand tap a van’s engine for power and heat via a clutch system attached to the vehicle’s drive train or via a generator that is attached to the motor to create a hybrid like electric 49948453_783916835317657_7354452056343576576_npower system. With no engine to wear and tear, they require much less maintenance and offer the highest reliability and longevity. Direct drives take up less cargo space than slide-ins, too, leaving more room for additional equipment.  You will, however, need to figure in the additional cost of a new van with a direct drive unit.

Advantages of a Direct Drive Truckmount

Safe and secure quieter operation.  Ability to close doors during operation. Protects CDS Night 4internal contents from weather exposure. Quiet operation allows for nighttime commercial cleaning and restoration work.

Smallest footprint in the industry. Compact, space saving design CDS Night 3allows for flexibility in van set up. Perfect for hauling restoration equipment (airmovers, dehumidifiers, directed heat), power wands, RX20, rotary hard surface tools, chemical solutions, hauling rugs and furniture and more.

Lower maintenance and ease of serviceability reduces costs and downtime . Open design for easy access to internal components, centrally located, protected wiring box, easy access to all drain hoses, stainless steel fittings on solution hoses with swivel on both ends . THE CDS xDRIVE has “arms-length” access and serviceability to all major components.54279639_822049554837718_439440575322652672_n

Reliable, durable, and dependable. HydraMaster Direct Drive truckmounts have the  industry’s longest proven track record of performance and success.

Simple to operate and easy to train technicians make the HydraMaster CDS or CDS xDRIVE the perfect choice for fleet operations and less mechanically inclined owner/operators.

CDS installed black van 1Even weight distribution reduces wear on van (less tires, shocks, brakes due to less weight and centrality of weight)

Excellent warranty coverage with superior customer support and service through national distribution network and corporate customer care team.

Value – maximum return on investment and highest re-sale value in the industry.

Flexible and powerful performance allows for many uses. A perfect cleaning machine ideal for flood and water damage restoration work, pressure washing, hard surface cleaning and more.

HydraMaster longevity and reputation. We will be here for years to come to support you.

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