The Stakes Have Been Raised – Rotary Jet Extraction® Wands


The History of Rotary Jet Extraction® Wands

As truckmounts became the dominant way of cleaning carpet for the cleaning professional in the 1980’s, the evolution of cleaning wands had moved from the original drag wands to lighter weight “scrub” wands. Scrub wands became the most popular choice for cleaning carpet. But too often carpet cleaners would wear down as the day went on, and truthfully, their ability to use the scrub wand as an agitation and extraction tool waned as they became fatigued. In addition, when faced with large open areas of43 carpet to be cleaned, many cleaners figured there had to be an easier, faster, and more effective way to clean carpets than heavy weighted drag wands and lighter weight but arm busting scrub wands. That is when the concept of the rotary jet extractor® was developed by the engineers at HydraMaster.

The RX-20 Rotary jet extractor® was introduced to the industry 35 years ago by HydraMaster with three primary goals;  a higher level of cleaning DSC_2095performance in a carpet cleaning wand, faster drying,  and reducing fatigue for the cleaning technician. Since that time, over 25,000 RX20 Units have been sold. Through the years, several companies have introduced rotary wands. Ultimately they continue to seem to all compare themselves to the RX20. In fact though, the introduction of lighter, less durable rotary extractors has actually simply raised the awareness of the value of rotary extraction. Over the years, innovations by HydraMaster have been developed that help the RX20 clean faster, extract more water and reduce drying times even further

The RX20 Set the Standard. The New RX20 NextGen Rotary Jet Extractor Raises that Standard

So just how has the innovator and originator of Rotary Extraction raised the bar with the new RX20 NextGen? We listened to the input of professional cleaning and restoration contractors just like you.

RX20 Next Right Side KOThe RX20 NextGen is easier to handle and more comfortable to operate. An additional momentary switch on the controls sustains head rotation and allows the user to operate the unit with their left hand only. We’ve added an additional lower rear carry handle that makes the unit easier to load and unload and move up and down stairs. Best of all, we implemented a no slip handle locking mechanism that utilizes a  tee handle, spring pull, and latches with positive locks that set at 5-7 degree increments. This makes setting the RX20 NextGen to the right height for you easier than ever and reduces maintenance.

New, exclusive features on the RX20 NextGen extend your cleaning reach and optimize productivity. The on-board crevice tool with robust design and storage bracket increases your cleaning reach and allows for vacuuming or edges and corners. Another money making feature of this is that the clear tube on the tool allows for your customer to see the extracted water and soiling through the sight tube while you are cleaning their carpet or hard surface floor.

Operating the RX20 NextGen is easier than ever. We have made enhancements that makeRX20 Next Gen Back KO it even less fatiguing so you can continuously operate longer. The operator handle and been ergonomically re-designed for operator comfort. The handle angle is positioned for comfort and productivity.

Enhanced engineering designs on the RX20 NextGen reduce complexity and makes it easier to train new technicians to operate. Redesigned and enhanced label artwork and color graphics  provide detailed operation instructions right on the handle for the operator. New smooth wheels help prevent picking up debris during transport

Finally streamlined manufacturing practices have brought about a reduction in numberRX20 Next Left Side KO of parts, and more of the mechanisms are built into the cast and molded handle make the tool even more robust. The longevity, reliability, and durability of the RX20 were not compromised in this new design. It is designed and manufactured to last longer, clean deeper, and dry faster than all of the competition. It remains the most remarkable tool to restore soiled carpet, restore the nap, and groom the carpet pile. 35 years of accumulated knowledge in manufacturing resulted in improved processes and designs to reduce cost, and pass that savings on to you.

How does the RX20 NextGen Clean Faster and Better?

The RX20 NextGen Rotary Jet Extractor® continues to revolutionize the way professional cleaners and restorers deep clean carpets.  It cleans the carpet fiber from five different angles. With three spray jets matched with 5 vacuum slots that are independently suspended by a flexible spring arm, the RX20 NextGen makes over 650 cleaning passes per minute. This super agitation, combined New Shoes2with the unit’s weight cleans a carpet deeper, extracting soil and cleaning solution. The rotating head cleans all sides of the carpet fiber, fluffing up and restoring the pile. The cleaning head floats and glides across the carpet. The self-propelled RX20 NextGen glides over the carpet; the rotary action of the cleaning head does all the work. The RX20 NextGen sweeps back and forth with just a slight change of balance on the handle. The effort needed to use an RX20 NextGen is a fraction of that used scrubbing back and forthIMGP6904 with a wand. Best of all, the extraction recovery performance of the RX20 NextGen dries the carpet faster than ever. The results are astounding, especially on extremely soiled, matted carpet.

The RX20 NextGen delivers consistent results all day long and is not operator dependent. Using a rotary jet extractor often means you’ll be cleaning at the same quick pace at the end of the day as when you started; consistent effort that translates into consistent quality and happy customers. It is kind of like that famous battery bunny. It just keeps going and going and going. Customers will be impressed by the high-tech approach to cleaning that the RX20 NextGen provides, setting your cleaning company apart from those that use a conventional scrub or drag wand. Experience has shown this to be true as repeat customers often call specifically requesting the rotary extraction of an RX20 NextGen.

RX20 NextGen – A High Production Water Extraction Tool for Water Damage Restoration

Another often overlooked feature of the RX20 Next Gen is its ability to extract standing water, particularly on glue down commercial carpets. An independent water extraction test by a leading trade association demonstrated that heavier rotary extraction wands like the RX20 NextGen did a better job at extracting water from glue down carpets than many wands specifically designed for water extraction only. In fact, even on residential style carpet the RX20 outperformed many so called dedicated extraction wands at water recovery from a flooded carpet. Multiple passes of head across the carpet ensures a higher level of water extraction and faster drying. Finally, just like in cleaning, when using the RX20 NextGen for water extraction, it reduces fatigue, and keeps up maximum extraction even when the restoration technician is worn out.

The RX20 NextGen is Not Just a Carpet Extraction Tool – Low Moisture and Hard Surface Cleaning

The RX Pad and Bonnet Driver (Part No. 190-041-024) attachment allows the RX to quickly convert to drive carpet cleaning bonnet pads.

You can also do hard surface floor deep cleaning, stripping, or scrubbing on luxury vinyl tile, ceramic or porcelain tile, natural stone, and finished concrete with the right IMGP6898attachments:

  • RX Hard Floor Attachment – LD (Part No. 190-041-024)
    • Suitable for Light Duty (LD) scrubbing of vinyl, terrazzo, slate and marble surfaces. The brush on this attachment replaces red pads.
  • RX Hard Floor Attachment – MD (Part No. 190-041-025)
    • Suitable for Medium Duty (MD) to aggressive scrubbing and stripping of resilient floors, terrazzo, quarry tile and concrete floors. The brush on this attachment replaces brown and black pads and will outlast them more than 100 to 1.
  • RX Hard Floor Attachment – HD Part No. 190-041-025
    • Designed for Heavy Duty (HD) to most aggressive stripping and scrubbing of resilient floors, terrazzo, quarry tile and concrete floors. The brush on this attachment replaces high productivity pads.

The Stakes Have Been Raised

The RX20 NextGen has raised the stakes in rotary jet extraction wands. Fortunately, you are the beneficiary with features that make it easier than ever for you to use:

  • Easier to handle and more comfortable to operate.
  • Locking handle mechanism makes it easier to lock in at the right adjustment level IMGP6889for you
  • Extend your cleaning reach and optimize productivity with the on-board crevice tool
  • See through sight tube allows your customer to see the extracted water and soiling
  • Ergonomic redesign of the handle for operator comfort
  • Reduced complexity and on board instructions make it easier to train new technicians
  • And perhaps most importantly,  streamlined manufacturing processes without compromising performance, reliability, and durability that make the tool more affordable than ever.

For more information on the RX20 NextGen, follow this link and we will get you information right out!



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