Rug and Fabric Preconditioner

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Rug and Fabric Preconditioner

HydraMaster is pleased to provide you with a preconditioner/pre-spray specifically formulated to safely and effectively clean Oriental Rugs, Wool Rugs, Carpet, and Fabric; natural and cotton fiber rugs and fabric; and other investment textiles. WoolMaster combines specialized encapsulation surfactants, detergents, and conditioning agents to specifically target the soils that rugs and fabrics are commonly exposed to. Most “wool” and “fine fabric” cleaning agents are just pH reduced carpet pre-spray formulations or old shampoo formulas. WoolMaster brings state of the art technology to cleaning investment textiles.

WoolMaster was formulated from the beginning for the specific purpose of effectively cleaning the most challenging rugs and fabrics, and meets and exceeds the safe standards for cleaning wool fibers and fabrics. WoolMaster is also formulated to match the versatility of the cleaning professional, working effectively at both “on-location” and “in-plant” cleaning set-ups. It can be applied like a typical pre-spray or used effectively in a rug washing pit. WoolMaster is super-concentrated, most often mixed 1:16-24. It has a slightly alkaline formula with a pH of 8.0 -8.5.



Below is a list of components required to be disclosed under the California Cleaning Product Right-to-Know Act of 2017.

Ingredient Name | CAS# | Function | Designated List(s)
Water 7732-18-5 diluent
Sodium citrate, dihydrate 6132-04-3 Cleaning aid
N,N-dimethyldecylamine 2605-79-0 surfactant
Anionic polymer withheld Cleaning aid
Acrylic poylmers withheld Cleaning aid
Ethoxylated alcohol, C9-11 68439-46-3 surfactant
Nonionic surfactants withheld surfactant
Sodium gluconate 527-07-1 chelator
PPG-2 methyl ether 34590-94-8 solvent
5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazoline-3-one 26172-55-4 preservative
Magnesium nitrate 10377-60-3 preservative
Magnesium chloride 7786-30-3 preservative