Cleaning Agent for Trashed & Grungy Tile or Concrete Floors

GRUNGESLAYER is a powder prespray agent to be applied on neglected tile and concrete floors that have a high level of grunge, soil and grease build-up. It slays the grime and restores the floor to a clean and shiny condition.



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Slay Grungy and Soiled Floors, GRUNGESLAYER is a powder prespray agent to be applied prior to cleaning with a hard surface extraction wand or tool

Sometimes when you are asked to restoratively clean a neglected, heavily soiled hard surface floor, you simply have to slay the “ beast” – The beast can take many forms but is comprised of a heavy build-up of grime, grease, oil and soil that is literally sucking the life and appearance out of a flooring investment. That is what GrungeSlayer is all about, making you the hero by slaying the beast!

• GrungeSlayer works to effectively as a powder prespray or as a booster/additive to clean and restore reglected tile or concrete.
• Works best using a rotary agitation hard surface tool



Below is a list of components required to be disclosed under the California Cleaning Product Right-to-Know Act of 2017.

Ingredient Name | CAS# | Function | Designated List(s)
Sodium Hydroxide | 1310-73-2 | Alkali
Sodium carbonate | 497-19-8 | alkali
Sodium tripolyphosphate | 7758-29-4 | builder
Sodium metasilicate, anhydrous | 6834-92-0 | builder
Trisodium phosphate, dodecahydrate | 10101-89-0 | builder
Tetrasodium EDTA | 64-02-8 | Chelating agent
Poloxamer | 182 9003-11-6 | surfactant
Propylene glycol butyl ether | 5131-66-8 | Cleaning agent
Dipropylene glycol butyl ether | 29911-28-2 | Cleaning agent
d-limonene | 5989-27-5 | fragrance | 23
citral | 5392-40-5 | fragrance | 23
Keyacid yellow | 36L | withheld colorant