FabricMaster Heavy Duty

Odorless Ammoniated Self-Neutralizing Upholstery and Fabric Preconditioning Agent

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Odorless Ammoniated Self-Neutralizing Upholstery and Fabric Preconditioning Agent

FabricMaster HD Upholstery Pre-spray is designed for the upholstery cleaning craftsperson. While many cleaners use carpet pre-sprays on upholstery, the craftsperson recognizes the important differences between upholstered fabrics and carpeting, as well as the soils that build up in them. FabricMaster HD is a self-neutralizing formula that cleans with the power of alkalinity, but then self-neutralizes as it dries. It is designed for use on synthetic upholstery fabrics. It does all of this with the cleaning power of odorless ammonia, combined with specialized solvents and surfactants.

This specialized formula is specifically designed to break down, dissolve, and emulsify the soils and spills most common to upholstery fabrics – body oils, hair treatments, airborne oils, shoe scuffs, spilled food and beverages, crocked colors from clothes, newsprint, and pet hair. FabricMaster HD is a low foaming formula that does not leave a sticky residue. A special additive helps the fabric dry faster after cleaning reducing the chances for overwetting based problems. FabricMaster HD contains the same stain removing additive that is in our famous SpotMaster Pro XP spotter, effectively removing many beverage spills without the need for special stain treatments.



Below is a list of components required to be disclosed under the California Cleaning Product Right-to-Know Act of 2017.
Ingredient Name | CAS# | Function | Designated List(s)
Water | 7732-18-5 | diluent
butoxydiglycol | 112-43-5 | Cleaning aid
Sodium octanesulfonate | 5324-84-5 | hydrotrope
C9-11 pareth 6 | 68439-46-3 | surfactant
5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazoline-3-one | 26172-55-4 | preservative
2-methyl-4-isothiazoline-3-one | 2682-20-1 | preservative
Magnesium nitrate | 10377-60-3 | preservative
Potassium hydroxide | 1310-58-3 | pH adjustor