Make the Gas Pumps in your Town Nervous – Running on Natural Gas




Consider the new approved installation of a HydraMaster CDS Direct Drive truckmount installed in  a converted natural gas vehicle.  Looking for a way to save your company money while simultaneously providing it with a marketable advantage? HydraMaster has recently received approval of their industry leading CDS direct drive truckmount in a Chevy van converted to run on compressed natural gas. The rising cost of gasoline and diesel fuel is prompting many people to investigate options to retrofit or convert their truck to run on natural gas. Converting a new vehicle provides the greatest opportunity to save fuel cost and, thereby, pay back the conversion cost and generate life-cycle savings. The costs for conversion range from $9,000-$18,000 and include the retrofit system, fuel tanks and related tubing/brackets, and the installation. The majority of the customers that HydraMaster has assisted with finding the right conversion company have spent under $10,000. The amount of fuel capacity requested by the customer significantly impacts cost. You can access a list of approved conversion kit manufacturers and installers by logging onto

So just what are the advantages to you?

Converted Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles are more cost effective than traditional gasoline engines. Fuel savings on CNG vs. gasoline powered engines range from 30% to 70% depending upon where you live and where you purchase your natural gas from.  If you run a fleet of truckmounts, it is not that hard to get approval to install your own natural gas tanks and pumps on your property. This creates the greatest amount of savings. Natural gas is a cleaner fuel than gasoline. According to the Natural Gas Vehicles Trade Association, using natural as compared to gasoline reduces carbon emissions by as much as 90 to 97% and decreased nitrogen oxide emissions by 35 to 60%.  Your van engine will last longer as cleaner burning fuel can also extend engine life. Converting to natural gas can be considered and marketed as a patriotic action because it helps America reduce dependency on foreign oil producers. While nothing is guaranteed in the long run, natural gas prices are more stable than gasoline price due to more domestic production.

An important component of your investigation as to whether Natural gas conversion is right for your company lies in learning more about federal, state, and even municipal tax credits you can earn. Visit to learn more or consult with your trusted tax advisor.

In the end it is all about payback, and then you can start earning pure profit. There is approximately a 2-3 year fuel savings payback for the cost of CNG conversion to your van, then ALL of the fuel savings ($2,000 – $6,000 per year depending upon miles driven and the average amount of hours per year you put on your truckmount that goes directly to your bottom line.

ImageSo where do you buy Natural Gas for your vehicle?

Before you convert your vehicle to run on natural gas – or purchase a used CNG van — be sure to investigate your fueling options. As previously mentioned, large fleets can probably qualify to have their own tanks installed on your property.  While there are about 1,000 CNG fueling locations in the U.S. (and the list is growing), about half are not open to the public. Others allow public refueling only after an account has been established (referred to as limited public access), while still others allow public fueling with convenient credit card and/or proprietary billing card access (referred to as full public access).The most comprehensive list of CNG stations we have found can be accessed here:

Why A HydraMaster CDS Direct Drive Truckmount?

While the debate of slide-in versus a direct drive truckmount will go on and on, the truth is you simply can’t go wrong with a HydraMaster CDS 4.8. Fuel consumption levels are the equivalent of a mid-sized slide-in truckmount. Looking for a small profile? The CDS leaves you with more room in the van than any other truckmount, period. It is easy to train technicians how to use. Maintenance is usually less than any slide-in and is easier to do. Are you a truckmount heat freak? Just add the Salsa heating option and the CDS gets as hot as virtually any heat exchanger truckmount. One of the most common “objections” to a CDS is that it is recommended for installation into a new vehicle. If you are doing a Natural Gas conversion, financial sense dictates paying for the conversion with a new van. Plus, you can finance both the truckmount and the van.

Already have a CDS? Most likely, your existing van can be converted to natural gas without any significant modifications to your CDS truckmount. Call HydraMaster at 800-426-1301 for more details.

Where can I find out more about natural gas conversion for vans?

Two of the most reputable sources that we have found are the Natural Gas vehicles of America Trade Association ( and CNG United ( We have also worked side by side with many of our customers to assist them, so don’t be afraid to contact your local HydraMaster Distributor, let them know you are interested, and we will make sure they have access to the right information.

To learn more about Natural Gas Conversion and its potential benefits to your cleaning and restoration company, follow the HydraMaster Facebook page.

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